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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Will You Risk a New Beginning? 

  There is a new beginning to those who are willing to say ‘yes’ to get out of their box. The box of religion, the box of traditional bondage. Get out of guilt and the box of fear, their box of comfort. Sometimes our life is hard but it is comfortable because we know what to expect. We know what will come today and tomorrow. It is boring, it doesn’t fulfill God’s plan for us but it is comfortable and it is a very small box to live in. The Word of the Lord today is ‘Get out of your box.’ Get out of your box

and take a risk. Risk hearing what God is saying and then risk doing it.

The harvest is ready now and when the harvest is ready it means that people are hungry. People are hungry for the spiritual; they are hungry for inner fulfillment. This prophetic word swept the nation and no body did anything. Today there are more than fifty million people in the new age religion in the United States. The new age people went in and took the harvest. God put hunger in the hearts of people so that the church could reap the harvest. We did not go into the fields, but somebody did. Now their granaries are filled, their silos are full and the Christians are standing around complaining about all of the new age people. And it is our fault. The harvest is ready in this country. You must get out of the box to harvest it. You must be willing to change anything that is needed to change so that your light can truly shine. You must be willing to let God test everything in your life and I dare say everything you believe to be sure your heart is open to what God wants to do.

We are always used to building walls to separate people but God is not a separating God, God is a gathering God. “Come unto me all you who are weary and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me for my load is easy and my burden is light.” Boy, that doesn’t sound like our religion. Light burden, easy burden, that doesn’t sound like us. We must be willing to let Him change us from the very heart of who we are because He wants to shine His Love through us. Religion says, “Just be good.” But Jesus says, “Let me live my life through you. Let me shine through you. Let me Love through you.” You have a great opportunity directly in front of you. Let’s get out of the box

so we can do the will of God. 

Pray with me…

Lord Jesus thank you for Your Love, thank you for Your Word, thank you for Your care. Lord Jesus we confess that we live in a box that we have made for ourselves and we repent of it. We do not want to live a self-centered life we want to live a Christ-centered life. We repent of living in our box, we repent of letting our fear our sorrow our bitterness our tradition and our religion of keeping us in the box. And now Lord Jesus, thank you for forgiving me and I step out of that box. I step out of the box and I pray not my will but Your Will be done. Open my ears open my eyes open my heart so that I can hear things that are being spoken from Heaven and then give me the courage to do it. All to Your Glory in Jesus Name. Amen.







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