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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Beacon of Glorious Light

Do you know that the only hand that God has is your hands? The only eyes He has are yours? The only smile He has is your smile? The only hug that God has is your hug? The only hope that people have is the hope that you bring them. There is a call of the Holy Spirit. There is a move of the Holy Spirit to come out of ourselves and into Him. Out of our concern and into the Spirit. You know as Pentecostal people we have a great advantage over everybody else, but we have turned our Pentecostal experience into a legalism that is worse than anyone else’s. We are more concerned about the physical things than we are about the Spiritual things. We are more concerned that our arms are covered than we are hearing the Spirit of the Lord. Sometimes we are more concerned about having a tie on than we are concerned about being touched by Him. We worry about covering about heads but don’t care about having our hearts covered with His Presence. Our Pentecostalism has turned into a legal death trap. Instead of being a life giving fountain of glorious love we have turned it into a list of rules and regulation that makes us wonder if we are even saved.

Who will have the courage to step out of that and become the glorious witness of His Spirit that we are intended to be? The city set on a hill that cannot be hidden is a city that explodes with the Light and the Love of Jesus. That is the city that the nations will run to. They are not going to run to a list of rules and regulations, they are already condemned, they are already living in death, they are already burdened with guilt and fear, they don’t have to come to Christ to experience more of it. They need to come to Christ to be freed from the pain and the suffering that the world has put on them. It is for freedom that Christ has set us free and we should not come under again a yoke of bondage. Most of this nation as all of you know lives in incredible darkness there are only a few flickers of light, you are part of that light. God wants to take you out of your box

, free you from the bondage of religion so you can become the beacon of glorious light that the nation will run to. If the nation is not running to our light there are only two reasons why:

1. The gospel is not true; the bible is not true. When the prophet said the nations will run to your light, that is simply not true…OR…

  1. We are not the light that we think we are.

I wonder which one it is? See, if we always do what we have always done we will always be what we have always been and what we have been is not working. I am sorry to say this to you. I love you but I say this to you because I can see the plan of God in your heart. I can see His love for you. I don’t have to give you anything you already have Him in your heart. I just want to pop the corks so the spiritual champagne can fizz out all over the nation. But it will take courage and it will take honesty and it will take persistence. Courage to change what needs to be changed. Courage to risk being something different. Courage to attempt things that have never been done and to hear things that you have never heard. It will take courage to see things you have never seen and it will take honesty to admit that ‘yes, I am not the light that I know I should be. Yes I have to change. Honesty to know there is something more than I am experiencing. And it will take persistence everyday you wake up and your confession is simple, His Mercies are new every morning, this is a new day, this is a new day to serve Him. Whatever I did yesterday the Lord forgives me. Today I am free; today I will serve the Lord. But many of us wake up with fear; many of us wake up with great uncertainty. There is a prayer that a friend of mine used to pray, he would say this to the Lord, “Lord today I am doing pretty good so far I have not been angry with anybody. So far I have not committed any sin, I have not raised my voice to my children, I have not cheated. I have not lied, today I have done pretty good but in a few minutes I am going to get out of bed and things are going to get tough so help me.” That is not the way to start the day. We start the day with, “His Mercies are new…” Do you know how His Mercies are new every morning? Because we live in repentance when we fail we repent. We don’t blame the boss; we don’t blame the police or the government. We don’t blame our wife or the dog. We blame ourselves and we repent and when we repent our slate is wiped clean it is as though we have never sinned. He takes away the guilt so we can go on and serve Him. His Mercies are new every morning when we remember to live in repentance the day before.

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