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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The anointing is for the others, the Presence is for you (cont.)

Your prayers are telling of your frustration.

 “Lord, How can I flow in such anointing and yet fall so short of who I should be? Why can I pray so successfully for others while precious little seems to work for me?”

 But I can hear you thoughts. “ Truth is, I probably failed one too many times. Truth is, I am probably an ‘interim servant’. He will use me for others but I am not worth cleaning up again or forgiving again or loving again. As soon as someone comes along who is better than I am, holier, softer, stronger, cleaner, He will most certainly cast me aside and I will get what I truly deserve.

Can there be another way to account for such silence from heaven?”  

Yes, there is another way.” Your self-condemning thoughts are mercifully interrupted by the Word of the Lord.

The anointing of the Holy Place is for others, The Presence beyond your humanity is for you.” 

Could you say that again, Lord.?”

"The anointing that flows through the candlesticks of the Holy Place brings light, warmth and healing for those who are passing through its corridors. It displays the reality of what lies just beyond the veil of our own humanity in His Manifest Presence. 

In the same way, My light, warmth and healing flows through you to those in need. God’s love through you points to a higher place, a greater reality. It points to a priesthood reserved for those who are willing to see beyond the humanity of those who minister in part, and into My Presence. Folks who cannot see beyond your human frailty can neither see beyond their own. They cannot be merciful because they have not understood their own need for mercy. They remain prisoners of their own flesh and will be forever trapped in the Holy Place, just short of My glory. Folks who cannot ask forgiveness for themselves can never forgive another. It is a human paradox. When one is unwilling to see the fleshy nature within himself, all he can see is the flesh of another. Grace and mercy are blinded to him. In fact, it is impossible to refrain from being judgmental until you have truthfully and honestly judged yourself. That is why it is best to love, and leaving the judging to Me. 

Your personal wholeness comes from the Throne of mercy and the pulsating Presence of My love that rests upon the Throne, the Mercy Seat, within the Most Holy Place. Why do you think I sit on the Mercy Seat? Why do you think the Mercy Seat is on the Ark of the Covenant? The Ark contains the evidence of My faithfulness to every generation of humanity since it was built. 

Come to Me, to the power of my Presence, and I will make your enemies a footstool for your feet. For wholeness does not come with the multitudes of those for whom you give so much. It does not flow out of the power of your anointing. Wholeness comes when you trust Me enough to enter My Presence covered with the Blood, until the power of my love transforms you.

Your anointing is for others, My Manifest Presence is for you.

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The anointing is for the others, the Presence is for you



In the Name of Jesus”, you quietly whisper as your hand lays gently on the brow of this young woman. Silently, quietly, you wait as faith continues to build in your heart. You know she will be healed. You have become accustomed to God responding to your prayers for healing. In fact, you have become known as one who has faith to bring healing to even the most terrible of diseases. It seems all it takes for faith to flow through heart and the anointing to be released is the love and compassion of Jesus to overwhelm you. There is no formula, no pattern, no standard prayer.


Watching the anointing flow through you is the most rewarding experience you have ever had and equally unexplainable. It is truly better to give than it is to receive. Knowing that He is using you to change another's life, to see someone respond to His love has no words to explain its sense of wonder and gratitude within. 


But that does not make it easier to dismiss the struggle of your own heart. Watching so many others healed does not settle the storm in your own spirit. The war within rages with each one you pray for and with each one who is healed. Of course, you rejoice with them . Of course, you are thankful for the anointing that flows regardless of who a person is or what they have or have not accomplished in life. You have seen fevers leave the smallest infant and the back of a ninety year old woman restored before your very eyes. You have seen marriages transformed and run-away children come home after the briefest of prayers. Still, the cry of your soul is relentless. The ache within is not even touched by all that you have seen, even at your own hands. It is not that you are ungrateful. That would be absurd. You are clearly overwhelmed at the power and love of God that others experience through you. You are baffled at being such a powerful instrument in the Hand of the Lord when there is so much within that causes you to question, to wonder; so much that resists Him and His ways. And, to be very honest, you wonder why so many are healed, so many are set free at the prayers you pray on their behalf, while you seem to be more broken than ever. How can it be that you are used for the eternal benefit of others while you are clearly less able, less worthy, less capable than most for whom you pray.



How can the same anointing that flows through me for the healing and benefit of others have no effect on the one through whom the anointing flows?”


 You have prayed for countless folks who have been healed immediately while no prayer seems to help you. You have prayed prayers of deliverance over many who have been set free from whatever afflicted them, while you still bleed with fear and sorrow over things from which you cannot find freedom. 



You thought you would be satisfied when God used you as He is using you. You thought that when more and more people were recognizing you, respecting you that you would be the happiest person. But that is not what has happened. You are plagued by the issues of your own humanity, tormented by the things thought long gone and forgotten. You heart yearns for Him, not for recognition or respect. Your heart yearns for union with Him. But surely He must not be pleased with you. Surely He is using you because there is no one else available, no one else willing, no one else cleaner than you. That must be it.








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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Church He is Building Points to Jesus (cont.)

I have performed many weddings over the years of my ministry. I have been invited to countless rehearsal parties, dozens of receptions and even a few bachelor parties. But there is one place I have never been invited. There is one place where three is a crowd, indeed. That place would be the bridal chamber! It is the place of complete union. It is, I dare say, the holiest place of all! It is sacred and precious. It is intimate and profound. There, all inhibitions and fears are released in a crescendo of hope and vulnerability to one another. It is where the will of one is released to the will of another in the expectation, assurance and full conviction that what can be accomplished by being two can most certainly be exponentially increased by being one. 

If this be true in the natural, how much more in the Spirit? Please remember “This mystery is great; but I am speaking with reference to Christ and the church.” (Eph 5:32)

The holiest place in all the universe is where mere mortal man chooses to trust the Lord Jesus with real union. It is where we lay down our will, our plans and our hopes to take on the will of God. This is not ‘getting saved’, it is a solemn recognition that His ways are higher than ours and we will trust Him more than we will trust ourselves. Just like a marriage, trusting Him is not a one time event, it is a daily, consistent yielding to His loving plans for our lives.

The most precious and most powerful thing we possess in this world and in the spirit world is our free will. It is more powerful than God’s will, for it is the only thing that can successfully prevent God’s plan from coming to pass in our lives each day. With our free will, we either yield to union or prevent it. We either invite the mercy of God or we reject it.

It should now be coming clearer as to why the church system cannot co-exist with the Church that Jesus is building. They are at polar opposites in desire, purpose and function. The system points to its own self-perpetuation, building and securing its own future through whatever means necessary. The church Jesus is building will always release God’s people to their own destiny in Christ, with mercy, favor and true power to accomplish one goal: to establish only one Kingdom in the earth, His.


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The Church He is building points to Jesus

It’s a funny thing about the church He is building….it points to Him alone. It contains nothing of man. Of course, men will be quick to tell you that the church Jesus is building is being built by them. But there is sometimes a problem with that statement. The genuine evidence of the centrality of Jesus is very difficult to find among them. The counterfeit, anti-Christ system is easy to spot from this perspective. The church that the ‘system’ is building points to anything BUT Jesus. For they need to build the vision and the kingdom of the one who really runs the show, which, of course, is them. In fact, if the church system pointed to the Lord, it would be in big trouble. Two kingdoms cannot be build on the same spot, in the same hearts, at the same time. One will have to relinquish control to the other. When the Lord is allowed to flow among the people, He will build His own Kingdom, obviously in sharp contract to the man-centered kingdoms of the religious. 

The Church that the Lord Jesus is building is truly a habitation for Himself within each one of us where He can dwell, rule and reign. In His church, He is forming a body through which the world shall see His glory oozing through the likes of ‘average folk’ like you and I. His church will display a marvelous Kingdom of righteousness, truth, mercy and compassion. Its nature will be love and its function will be to gather the nations to HIM, not to themselves.

But the fleshy personality of mere humanity will never be confused with the outward shenanigans meant to distract you from the desperate hunger of your heart. Only He can satisfy the hungry soul. Only He can nourish and fulfill the cravings of your spirit. For all the guilt that the ‘system’ is able to pour on, it can never overwhelm the craving of your soul. That is why you are so dangerous to them. You have a fire within that will not be extinguished by programs and pop culture messages. 

For those who hunger and thirst for Him, the glitter and glitz of fleshy showmanship will most certainly be replaced by the hiddeness of Christ who shows Himself, rather proves Himself in the daily activities of human existence. His Presence consumes, possesses, forgives and gathers. He heals, restores, releases and fills us with joy unspeakable and full of glory.


The church system observes, calculates and determines who will be most effective to their end goal. They always gear their mission and their message to the best, the brightest, and the most powerful. They are certain to attract those who have been made such by the world, assuming that these special people will provide the financial and emotional stability. These people will also provide the distinguished notoriety the local assembly will need to maintain stature and respect among the elite. But little do they see that He is the one who turns the least of us into the best, the brightest, and the most powerful. Those who are the least in the natural are the ones made greatest in the Kingdom of God. For when the Lord makes a leader, they lead with compassion, mercy and love. They are the ones who are the true pillars of the Church that Jesus is building.

True ministry folk are happy to build His church without personal recognition or accolades. They need neither title or position. The true ministry is ministry born of His heart and points the people to Jesus, who alone can build a dwelling place for His Presence within them. They are never the center of attention, never the focus, never the goal. These leaders are gentle folk, broken men and women who point incessantly to Jesus. They know their role and they know His role. They are painfully aware of their own limitations and they know better than to try to do the job of the Son of God.  

Therefore, their passion is to bring the people of God into a place where they can be connected to their Lord. They understand that their role is to create an atmosphere where mankind and his God can find true union. These leaders know what to do once that connection is made. Neither God or His people need instruction at the point of this union that is both electric and Divine, both natural and spiritual.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jesus Builds His Church from The Most Holy Place

One of the most exciting Biblical ‘types’ of our walk with the Lord is the temple and all it contains. In here, all we do and all we desire is forged and tempered in the fire of His Manifest Presence. Our hopes and dreams are catapulted into reality as we respond to the transforming power of His unconditional love.

 The Church Jesus is building, which, by the way, is the only church there is, will be made up of those who have found rest on the Mercy Seat of Father God. These folks have discovered that truth can only be measured in the Light of His Presence. They understand that truth is dimensional and cannot be discerned apart from the flesh-blinding light that pulsates between the wings of the Cherubim within the veil, and upon the throne of His mercy. Truth apart from mercy produces legalism.

 Earthy knowledge and indoctrination will lead us to fleshy legalism. For in the realm of doctrine, we understand with our minds but never feel with our hearts. We are motivated by duty but never impassioned by love. We work to achieve but never rest to become.

 Revelation, on the other hand, is the heart motivator. Revelation causes us to change who we are rather than what we believe. Revelation is all about becoming and has nothing to with indoctrinating. Revelation itself changes from within and does not produce the sweat of fleshy works.

 This is the goal for which all who seek Him aim. We want Him and Him alone. We want the sense of His Presence, not the judgment of legalism from those who have never seen Him or felt the nearness of His love.

 Of course, this has been the cry of my heart for many years. I have used the typology of the Most Holy Place in my own journey in Christ. I have written about it and teach it everywhere I go.

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