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Monday, June 21, 2010

Jesus Builds His Church from The Most Holy Place

One of the most exciting Biblical ‘types’ of our walk with the Lord is the temple and all it contains. In here, all we do and all we desire is forged and tempered in the fire of His Manifest Presence. Our hopes and dreams are catapulted into reality as we respond to the transforming power of His unconditional love.

 The Church Jesus is building, which, by the way, is the only church there is, will be made up of those who have found rest on the Mercy Seat of Father God. These folks have discovered that truth can only be measured in the Light of His Presence. They understand that truth is dimensional and cannot be discerned apart from the flesh-blinding light that pulsates between the wings of the Cherubim within the veil, and upon the throne of His mercy. Truth apart from mercy produces legalism.

 Earthy knowledge and indoctrination will lead us to fleshy legalism. For in the realm of doctrine, we understand with our minds but never feel with our hearts. We are motivated by duty but never impassioned by love. We work to achieve but never rest to become.

 Revelation, on the other hand, is the heart motivator. Revelation causes us to change who we are rather than what we believe. Revelation is all about becoming and has nothing to with indoctrinating. Revelation itself changes from within and does not produce the sweat of fleshy works.

 This is the goal for which all who seek Him aim. We want Him and Him alone. We want the sense of His Presence, not the judgment of legalism from those who have never seen Him or felt the nearness of His love.

 Of course, this has been the cry of my heart for many years. I have used the typology of the Most Holy Place in my own journey in Christ. I have written about it and teach it everywhere I go.

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