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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Out of the Box, Out of Control

We live in an environment created by our own choosing.

 We like this environment because it is safe for us.

 We think we may lose our identity if we allow ourselves to think out of the box.

 We evaluate what is around us, who we think we are, what others say we are, what the world says we are, We look at where we live, how much money we have, how much money we think we can earn. We look at our education, our skills the opportunities we have.

 From this list and from many more, we decide who we are and how we shall live. We create our own environment of living.

 I call this environment, our BOX.

 Each one of us live in a box of our own construction. The walls, the bottom and the lid to this box are made from the limitations we have put on ourselves or the limitations we have allowed others to put on us. 

Limitation’ is relative term. Limitation is also defined as our belief system. This belief system defines who we are.

We are taught to evaluate circumstances and make a decision based on how we interpret those circumstances with the five senses.

 It connects us to some. It separates us from others. Of course, we are right. Everyone else is wrong.

(We also pass this box down to our children.)

  My personal EXAMPLES:

  High School: Others said I would accomplish nothing

(Others tried to build a box for me)

 Giving my life to Jesus

(Religion will build a box for you)

 Starting Destiny Image;

(Well-meaning friends will build you a box)

How do we move out of the Box we have made for ourselves?

 This is where the true work of renewal and revival begin.

 Renewal is not fire or wind or a River, it is Him, it is Jesus drawing us to Himself, pouring his incredible love upon us.

 Our yielding to God’s Love and acceptance is our only hope of coming out of the box we have created for ourselves. 

  He is our identity. I am free to do and be anything if I have my identity as HIM!

 His Love for us is more than we can imagine. His Plan for us is greater than we could ever hope. His provision for us is greater than we could ever afford because it is not purchased with money.



We must simply let Him love us to softness and repentance.


  Things of the past always want to keep us in our box, away from the calling God has for us. 

  Truly Pentecostal, truly spirit-filled people walk by the Spirit and allow God to say things to them that they have never heard.

 God speaks to us out side the box.

  (Gal 5:25 NASB) If we live by the Spirit, let us also walk by the Spirit.

  Move God!!! Pour out your Spirit!! The Lord says the same thing to us, but we can’t, because God is not out of control!!

This is the day of all-God- He is moving us to Himself, to the holiest place of all, His Presence.

  Vision of the fires and the rising Son.

Do you want food or do you want seed? The religious can't keep up with a God out of control.

 Religion of Jesus' day wanted:

 * A distinguished prophet to introduce to the bishops, instead they got John the Baptist wrapped in camel’s hair who the bishops snakes.

 * A king born in riches, instead they got a poor boy wrapped in rags.

 * A God to righteously condemn a prostitute, instead, they got a Jesus who forgives and restores.

 * Respectable healings, instead, they got mud made from spit and packed onto a blind man's face. They got a prophet who healed on the Sabbath and sat with drunks and tax collectors. Sinnfaers!!

 * They wanted to give Jesus a tour of the temple, instead, they got Jesus' wild encounter with the moneychangers. He was out of control.

 * A king to overthrow Rome, instead, they got a man nailed to a cross.

 Who would have predicted that God would deliver His people with frogs, locusts and blood splattered door posts?

 Who could have guessed that He would part the sea, rain food on their heads, give them water out of a rock?

 Would you have imagined a pillar of smoke and fire, shoes that never wore out and clothes that grew with them?

  This is where the true work of renewal and revival begin.

Our yielding to God’s Love and acceptance is our only hope of coming out of the box we have created for ourselves.



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