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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

What is your Father doing?

The Holy Spirit said to me concerning His church, “It is time for the church to grow up and trust God’s Witness within you.” It is not the intellect that changes the world. If intelligence could change the world we would have a perfect world. We really would! There are many, many, many very intelligent people but intelligence does not change the world. We need to know what God is saying to our inner spirit. And we must be mature enough that when the Holy Spirit says something that our thinking does not like we must say “Yes” to the Holy Spirit and “No” to our thinking. When the Holy Spirit wants to do something that our tradition doesn’t like we must say “Yes” to the Holy Spirit and “No” to the tradition. The Holy Spirit will often want to do things different than our order of worship. Everything is going to change; God is coming in a powerful way. We are going to see things we have never seen; we are going to experience things we have never experienced. God is going to come in our church and He doesn’t care what is in His way, He is going to come down. You have to be careful not to be holding onto the wrong thing because if you are holding onto the wrong thing you will go down with the system He is going to tear down. There is nothing sacred in our buildings there is nothing sacred in our order of worship, there is nothing sacred in how we worship. The only sacred thing is His Manifest Presence. Hallelujah! 

  And when His Manifest Presence is evidenced in the church you won’t care about anything else. You won’t care what time it is you won’t care if there is something cooking on the stove. You won’t care how long you have been jumping up and down and dancing and singing, when God is in the house all the focus is on Him. I was just in Kentucky and I was supposed to teach six times. I taught all of the pastors in the morning to get ready for God to move in. I said when God is in the house you don’t even have to preach. My God! Not preach! Will we backslide? So I said get ready, little did I know that that very night the Presence of God exploded into that auditorium. His Presence was so mighty that there was never one word spoken from the microphone. No one said welcome to the service. No one said Don Nori is here. No one took an offering. No one led worship but the worship of the Lord arose in the building. I looked at the pastor and he could hardly stand up and I said, “Pastor I don’t think I should preach tonight.” He looked at me and he said, “Don’t preach tonight?” I said, “Pastor when the Man is in the house, this man has got nothing to say.”

  We watched people cry out to God. We watched children getting saved with no one leading them to the Lord. There were angry pastors who came in the back of the church to watch what was going to happen. They looked amazed as their wives began to dance and shout in the Presence of God. By the end of the night, everybody was dancing and singing. People began to go home four hours after the meeting was to start and nobody said one word from the microphone. It happened four nights in a row. I went there to preach and I couldn’t preach. But who wants to hear me when God is in the house. Now there are times we need to teach there is a time for everything but over the past several hundred years we have made no time for Him. We have made time for our preaching we have made time for our order of worship but we have made no time for Him. The Lord is going to take His church back to Himself. Jesus said I’ll build my own church and the gates of hell won’t prevail against it. So us pastors, we just need to be the assistant pastor to Jesus. We just need to do what He says to do. In fact He is the one who started it. He is the one who said whatever I see my Father in Heaven doing that is what I will do. If I don’t see my Father in Heaven doing it, I ain’t doin’ it! I’m not going to do it.

  Do you remember when Jesus was at the pool of Bethesda? There were hundreds of sick people there. Jesus only saw His Father healing one, that’s the only one He healed and then He walked away from the pool of Bethesda leaving hundreds of people still sick. Why did He do that? I have no idea. He is God and He does what He wants to do and He is looking for people who will love Him enough who will do only what He says to do whether somebody likes it or not. It doesn’t matter if somebody likes it or if somebody doesn’t like it I’m not here to please man I’ve got to do what God says to do!

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