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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Growing in Discernment

Ephesians chapter four beginning with verse fourteen the scripture says, “We are no longer to be children tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine by the trickery of men, the craftiness and deceitful scheming.” Now wait a minute, isn’t it interesting that every time somebody has a criticism to make that criticism limits the Power of God. Hello? We make fun of the Roman Catholics because they keep God in a box in the front of the church. We are just a little more crafty than they are. Our box is in our minds, we know better than to put it where everybody can see it. We keep our box where no one can see it. You must be very, very concerned about anybody who says, “God didn’t, can’t, won’t, hasn’t,” anything that will limit God. He is an ever expanding God. God is not satisfied until everyone is saved. He is not satisfied until we are all healed. We must step out of the way and let Him do what He wants to do. We must be strong enough in our spirit and mature enough in our hearts to discern the work of the Holy Spirit and to let His Spirit flow. There will be men and I believe from this room there will be men and women who will stand in the gap and they will begin to say, “Wait, we will not let you limit God like that anymore we have seen Him and we have heard Him.” The apostle John said that which we have seen and heard and handled of the good Word this is what we declare to you. We don’t declare theory. We don’t declare theology. I’m talking to you about what I have experienced I’m talking to you about the God I have touched. And I am telling you that God wants to move in a new way. But there needs to be men and women in this country who will rise up, and once and for all, silence those who are resisting the Holy Spirit. Who will rise up and resist such antics, such activity of carnal men. God is looking for people who will do just that.

 Now we get discernment in a very simple way. Discernment grown in us by the time we spend in His Presence. The more time you spend in God’s Presence the more discernment you have because you learn how His Presence feels. You learn how His Presence moves and how He thinks. That makes worship a very, very important part of your life. Listen, the world and the religious system wants you to believe your five senses more than it wants you to believe the Holy Spirit.. The religious system wants you to trust your senses more than you trust the Holy Spirit. It wants you to trust reason more than it wants you to trust His Presence. Jesus Name. Do you understand what I am saying? Who is there among us who will be committed to growing in discernment? 

  But I am telling you we need to commit ourselves to worshipping Him. Whether we are worshipping here or whether you are in your car or at home or at work, where ever you can put worship music on put it on and worship the Lord. Continually invite His Presence into your lives. Continually say “Yes” to the work of the Holy Spirit. We have said “yes” to the devil long enough. We have said “yes” to our own flesh long enough. It is time to say “Yes” to Jesus.

  Tonight I come with that simple message, God is looking for people who will grow in discernment and who will have the courage to stand up for the discernment. To have the courage to be the wall that prevents religion from crushing the beautiful thing God wants to do.

  You know what is right. You know what you have experienced. You know how God has touched you. For you there is no argument. You must make your stand. 

 Praise God, could we pray? Thank You Jesus. Hallelujah.

  Father we thank you for Your Mercy tonight. Oh, we thank you for Your Love. And Jesus we commit ourselves tonight to grow in discernment to quit acting like mere mortal men and start acting like the spiritual men and women You have made us. In Jesus Name we commit ourselves to be spiritual people, spiritual people, spiritual people. Come up hither out of the flesh and dwell in the Spirit in Jesus Name, in Jesus Name. Hallelujah, Thank you Jesus…….

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